Microsoft animation

End of XP support

Simon’s a small business owner who’s happy with his Windows XP operating system – he’s always received regular updates, so he’s never felt the need to upgrade. However, after Wednesday 9th April, Simon’s computer will be left vulnerable to malware and virus attacks.

Worried, he calls his university friend Trevor who’s also in the business. ‘You’re still on XP?!” remarks Trevor, “You do know that Microsoft’s XP support has ended, don’t you? Didn’t you think it was odd that you haven’t had any security updates lately?”

It all could’ve been so different for Simon if he’d upgraded to Windows 8 Pro sooner – he’d already be reaping the benefits. Without critical Windows XP security updates, Simon’s PC had become harmful to vulnerable viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

Windows 8 Pro gives you everything you love from your current system and more, with integrated apps at its heart, so you can link your calendar to your email and your contacts to your live messaging service. Also, Windows 8 Pro offers enhanced security features including built-in firewall, anti-virus and root kit malware protection.

Browsing the internet has been reimagined with Internet Explorer 10 and you can access all your documents quickly, securely and from anywhere in the world by saving them onto SkyDrive.

Windows 8 Pro offers speed and enhanced security across a range of devices too, meaning that you can work as flexibly as your business requires – you can even switch back to a traditional Windows desktop if you like.

Don’t be left as a silly Simon when 9th April 2014 comes around – be a clever Trevor and get modern with Windows 8 Pro – discover more by following the link.


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