Gone Rome-ing: day five

If I go on holiday and don’t visit an animal prison, have I really been away? So as not to risk it, I headed over to Bioparco di Roma today.

If you’re a fan of zoos, it’s got pretty much all the key players, although it did seem that the penguins were on holiday while their enclosure was being rebuilt. Oh, and the fennec foxes and meerkats were hiding, but still – there was an elephant in a convenient place, a bored orangutan right at the glass and a gorgeous sleeping leopard in a very photogenic pose.


After the zoo, I wandered around some more of Parco Villa Borghese, including a full-size replica of the Globe Theatre, because Rome doesn’t have enough culture of its own, it needs to steal from elsewhere.


And that, dear reader, is pretty much that – a low-key day results in a low-key blog. However, I may as well use the remaining space for general Rome stuff and intersperse some animal pictures to keep you interested.

Make sure you always get travel insurance, as Roman drivers/scooter riders are as crazy as the stereotype suggests. Even when using crossings, you will get killed at least once a day. Just make like Indy in the Last Crusade, take a leap of faith onto the crossing and hope your excess isn’t too high.


Their anti-terror measures aren’t subtle – tons of blokes and women in fatigues with big fuck off rifles all over the shop. Makes you think something’s amiss at first, but it seems to be normal.

Always say no to the touts offering tours. Fairly basic tip, but some can seem quite helpful, and have lanyards that make them look official. Don’t worry if they say you won’t get in without a tour – chances are, they’re speaking out of their holes.


Check closing (or last entry times) before you go places – they can vary wildly and you don’t want to miss out on something you didn’t know was closing. I didn’t get in the Vatican Grottoes that way, as for some reason they close at a different time to the main basillica.


And eat all the food, but that should be a given.


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