Gone Rome-ing: day two

If you followed my New York blogs, you’ll have seen that trip was planned to the nth degree. Rome… not so much – and I think I’m going to be OK with that.

The thing with this place is that it’s so ancient, churches and monuments that would be must-sees in other cities don’t even get a mention in guidebooks. So when you happen across them, you need to stop and find out what they are – that’s my excuse for not having a set plan, and I’m sticking to it.

Once I’d torn myself away from numerous buildings and piazzas, I got to one of the big beasts – the Trevi Fountain. Big scarcely does it justice, mind – it’s bloody huge – which is just as well, as it means the shedloads of tourists can all find space for their own photos.


After a bit of meandering, the Pantheon was next, but unfortunately the sun was just shining on the inside of the dome, rather than illuminating folk like a celestial spotlight.


It should have been lunch, but I saw something that couldn’t be delayed – ancient ruins that doubled as a cat sanctuary 😻! Not much more to say about it, so here are some cat photos.


A triumvirate of museums took much of the remaining afternoon. I’ll briefly cover the middle one, Museo di Roma, as it was a bit odd – apparently, the only bits of the city’s history worth covering happened in the 16th century onwards. Every day’s a school day, I guess.

Fortunately, the others were much more on the ball – one was an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s revolutionary machines – well, ones built from his sketches, but they work and prove he was either a genius or time traveller.

The last one was situated under Piazza Navona. The square itself is an unusually elongated shape, but archaeologists know why: it’s built on the exact footprint of Stadio di Domiziano. Head underground, and you can find out more about why the area kept its proportions.

By the time I returned to the surface, it was rapidly starting to get dark, so I scurried past all the posh shops to get to Spagna; better known as the Spanish Steps.


After a quick seat and hum to Cinco, Seis, Siete, Ocho, it was time to head back for my first pizza and tiramisu of the trip. The latter was nom, but I cocked up slightly with the pizza, as they used a fancy word for seaweed that I thought was something more palatable. Still got eaten, mind – I’m not a monster.


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