Gone Rome-ing: day one

Well, I’ve made it to Rome, despite Monarch’s determination to stifle me by going bust.

In the end, I got easyJet out here and treated myself to the No1 Lounge at Gatwick to get me in the holiday mood. Probably wouldn’t bother again – limited food choices were only marginally balanced by free booze, but I’m not an alcy, so I could cope with out it. Maybe I was paying for the view?


No in-flight entertainment with easyJet, of course – transatlantic travel has somewhat raised expectations đŸ’… – but I’d rented Blade Runner from Amazon so I can see the new one when I get back. Always thinking.

We got to Rome early, and while getting to the airport train was easy enough, you end up at the piss-stained rabbit warren of Roma Termini, which isn’t a place you want to hang about. Neither are the wrong exits at Spagna station too, as they take you out onto a duel carriageway with no pavement. If they had maps of above ground like they do on the Tube, that would be appreciated.


Still, when I found civilisation, I really found it, at Porta Pinciana, which is relatively modern by the city’s standards (3rd-5th century), but it certainly started to feel like Rome.

The hotel itself is even more modern, fortunately – so much so, you actually get a phone you can use around town for sightseeing and the like, so that’s nice, ain’t it?


It’ll get put to good use over the next for days, but for now, sleep.


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