New York day four: rest day(ish)

When I was arranging stuff for this trip, I intentionally left the Wednesday as pretty low key so I could chill after two days of hardcore touristing – at the time, I didn’t realise how vital that would be.

As you’ll have noticed, the DC blog was posted around when you were waking up. This wasn’t down to scheduling the post, I was actually still up at 3am thanks to American Airlines.

In summary: AA moved the flight to another gate, where there was already a plane due to fly elsewhere at the same time; we got put on the plane half an hour later; we then spent two hours on the runway as there was a storm in NY; the route back we took was longer, so it was stupidly late when I got back.

AA are refusing to compensate me, citing the weather, but if they hadn’t bumped the flight, it would’ve been fine. To be continued…


So yeah, today – Fire Island, summer home of the gays. It was a bit of a trek getting there and back (American trains are ridiculously few and far between), but it was about worth it to experience somewhere so oddly cut off.

It’s not completely detached, of course, but the ferry used to take over visitors like me is also used for groceries, post and other things from the mainland.

Once you get there, you can see why it’s needed – infrastructure barely exists, there are a couple of small shop/bar clusters and everything else is woodland, wooden houses and boardwalks.

Oh, and beaches spreading all along the southern edge of the island. The gays dominate, but there are a few ladies and families there, although I’m not sure why. It’s very male oriented in a kind of hippy way, meaning nudity on the beach isn’t exactly frowned upon. And no, before you ask.

Lots of gay men means loads of adorable doggos and puppers, of course, but animal life didn’t stop there – I was bitten to fuck by flies and twice came face to face with deer, who emerged from the dense woodland.


I’m glad I went, but given the time to go there and the blood loss encountered from the flies, I won’t be rushing back.


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