New York day three: Not New York

Presidents Underwood, Kirkman and Bartlet have a lot to answer for. As I start writing this, it’s 10.30pm, I’ve been up since before 7am and I’ve spent the day walking around in the blazing Washington sun – safe to say I’m knackered.

Fortunately, it’s been totally worth it, as it’s been amazing to see all these places from TV and movies (and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2) in real life.

After getting to LaGuardia and hopping over to DC, Arlington was my first port of call and it is bloody hilly. It must be bad enough on a good day, but when it’s 33 degrees? Urgh. Still, saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, and JFK, but didn’t get out to the Iwo Jima monument as it was a trek away and time was already getting on.

I got as close to the White House as I could, but lots of areas were taped off for maintenance and police business. It’s almost as if the president doesn’t want to see people from his gaff.


While that was a little disappointing, everything else lived up to expectations, as I made my way around the National Mall.

I probably spent too long in the American History and Natural History museums, meaning the Air and Space one had closed by the time I got to that side of the Mall. While it’s not the widest, it is bloody long, so trudging from one end to the other was a bit of a task.

Still, getting to the Capitol was worth the effort  and it’s magnificent up close. Had time allowed, getting a tour around there would be fascinating – probably similar to the Palace of Westminster, which I went around the other week (and didn’t get around to blogging about).


After taking numerous snaps, I was on the return leg, nipping into the botanical gardens en route to the Washington Monument. No sign of Spider-Man though, which is disappointing.

There was also no Captain America running past me as I made my was down the side of the Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln Memorial. Bloody part-timers, these Avengers.

Lincoln was very impressive, sat there on his big toilet, surrounded by columns. They must have got a job lot of columns when they were building DC, as they’re all over the shop.

The final columns of the day belonged to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, which was another hike away, but meant I could take in the MLK and FDR monuments en route.

That’s about 40 minutes’ worth of writing up there and it’s all been done while sat on the tarmac in DC. Apparently, there’s a big ol’ storm in New York right now, so we’re not taking off until we can actually touch down at the other end. Fortunately, tomorrow should – should – be far more relaxing.


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