New York day one: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

The received wisdom is ‘practice’, but that sounds like effort and not that fun, so I just jumped on a plane instead.

En route, not only was the Piccadilly line being a prick, but getting from New Jersey to New York was arduous too. A 40-minute wait to get a train from Newark to Manhattan? People only go to Newark as a means to get to NYC, ffs.

Still, once I arrived at The Lombardy, I found it to be an utter delight. Each room is different and even though mine has signs of tiredness, the marble, walnut and mouldings feels quite grand. Plus they’ve thrown in breakfast for free as there’s scaffolding up the front of the building, so that seems like a result to me.


Reet classy

I didn’t have time to wallow, though – I needed to get to Carnegie Hall before the evening was out.

Granted, my route was a bit roundabout, briefly taking in St Patrick’s Cathedral, before heading down to Grand Central Terminal for a double whammy of geekiness. Not only is it a cathedral to public transport, it was also the backdrop to that group shot in the Avengers. Sadly, Avengers Tower has been replaced by the MetLife Building, but you can’t have it all. By way of compensation, the Chrysler Building was next door, so I snapped its art deco classiness and moved on.

The next stop was far from classy – Times Square. It had to be done but man, was it busy, loud and frankly quite smelly. Having spent as little time there as possible I whizzed up, past Radio City Music Hall and reached Carnegie Hall.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the fuss is about – maybe you do need to practice to make it worthwhile?


That’d be Carnegie Hall then.

Screw that, I’m here for touristic thrills, so the day ended at the Top of the Rock, which lay out the entirety of New York City and beyond. Well, I say the entirety – I think the Statue of Liberty was hidden by darkness and/or other buildings, but I’ll be getting a closer look at her tomorrow.


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