Ich bin ein Berliner – day four

So that was that done with – Berlin is over… for now.

Spent the final day in Red territory as I completed my roughly west to east trip across the city. Fittingly, I headed to see where western artists had been invited to paint over a huge chunk of the Wall after its fall – the East Side Gallery.


Get a room.

The mix of the almost unbroken stretch of wall, the overnight snow and the sub zero temperatures certainly help you appreciate being able to head freely to the other side and not be stuck there for a generation.


I think it’s some kind of magic eye?

After wandering past some churches (Germany really is keen on Christianity), I headed by the oldest one – heck the oldest building in Berlin fullstop – St Nicholas’. The area immediately around it is very different from other grand, sweeping areas of the city, as it’s relatively unchanged since medieval times (bar the odd RAF bomb here or there).


When they ask for a showstopper with at least three tiers but you’re feeling ambitious.

After a quick scoot around Museum Island, it was off to the hotel spa to warm up a bit before the off. Three lasses in their early-to-mid-20s were there German-style, which was wasted on me, but I still didn’t know exactly where to look in such a confined space.

Annoyingly, that was my final image of the city¬† – I had planned to literally end it on a high up the TV Tower, but I wasn’t going to queue in sub-zero temperatures for an hour. Still, it’s something to do on the next visit, so until then Berlin, auf wiedersehen.


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