Fact Hunt 2016: The Kennington

With m’learned friend Ant moving south of the river, we need a new regular haunt for Sunday night quizzing, so we’re dipping our toes in the water and seeing what the options are. First up, The Kennington!

The pub

You’ll find The Kennington working its contemporary/classic thing at 60 Camberwell New Road. Traditional look with a bit of outdoor seating, but all bright and newish on the inside. Also: board games if you fancy your own quiz action when it’s not Sunday night.

Getting there

Piece of piss for me from Wandsworth Road – 77/87 to Vauxhall Bus Station, 36/185/436 pretty much to the door. Coming from a Deptford kind of direction, Ant could get the 36 with a bit of a schlep, but he found it easier to use the Overground and Underground to get to Oval and walk down the road a bit.

Host with the most?

The night was essentially a cabaret night for the host, Steve Nice. With the look of Ed Nygma from Gotham and the mannerisms of Russell Brand and Alan Carr’s love child, it was all about his camp energy, banter with the regulars and strange obsession with dolphins.

We’re used to hosts doing the questions with the odd bit of wit here and there, but the balance was definitely the other way here – once you get into it though, you can’t help but laugh along.

Down to business

£2.50 per person and there were only 30-odd questions (plus a drawing round), but after starting at 8pm, it was about 10.30 by the time we left due to Steve’s performance. As the vote on Trident had happened the week before, the whole quiz (including the music round) had a nuclear theme, so keep an eye on what’s being talked about in the days running up to quiz night to give yourself an idea of what to expect.

Eyes on the prize

The jackpot was £175 when we went – £50 for the winners, which they can gamble by picking one of three envelopes: two have £25 in, with the jackpot in the other. The winners only got £25 this week, so the jackpot rolls to £200 next time. In terms of performance, we were the definition of average – fourth of seven – but there weren’t that many points in it either way.


Halfway through, we got a massive bowl of (free) fried goodies brought to the table (few bits of scampi, chips, roast spuds, etc), which was an unexpected surprise. Worth skipping your tea for if you get the same kind of free spread every week.

Return visit?

Quite possibly – it’s not a super serious quiz, so once you get your head around that and appreciate that it’s The Steve Nice Show (featuring quiz), it’s a fun way to spend your Sunday evening.


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