Not that illuminating

So, in theory, this blog should’ve been praising the majesty of Lumiere London as I tried to continue expanding my appreciation of art. It didn’t really go to plan.

My first mistake was probably choosing a Saturday night to go and see the lights, but despite that, I thought I’d be able to nip across the four areas that were illuminated and be home in time for Match of the Day.

I was still feeling positive at the first piece, Platonic Spin, which was near Warren Street Tube station and only had a few people milling about it. I soon got a taste of things to come when I made my way towards the King’s Cross bit to be faced with sea of humanity, much of it coming in the opposite direction. “Maybe everyone’s leaving so it won’t be a crush…” I hoped. I was to be disappointed.


I’d not even got to the exhibits when I heard that TfL were shutting the Underground at KCStP because of overcrowding, and when I got out of back of the station, that sea of humanity had turned into a full blown ocean, with behatted heads stretching as far as the eye could see.

I managed to get around everything in the area eventually, but it didn’t help that people were stood agog watching the Circus of Light that was being projected on a building – not ideal when wading through those people was the only way to the exhibits beyond and back to KCStP.

The idea of boarding the reopened Tube home appealed, but I had some time before MOTD and I figured that the Mayfair bit wouldn’t be as packed and fortunately it wasn’t, although Grosvenor Square didn’t have much by way of lighting, aside from the artworks themselves – not great when it’d been raining and the grass was as slippery as a particularly well-lubricated mackerel.

Somewhat ironically, the exhibit called the Aquarium was closed due to overcrowding, so my completionist tendencies went unfulfilled. Apparently other installations were shut on Saturday night for the same reason, so I’m glad I quit after Mayfair.


It’s nice that people were keen enough to get some art in their eyes to block up the streets, but would having it open for a week rather than four nights have cost that much more? Half of London’s sponsored anyway, so why not get a corporation to spunk some of its CSR fund on it so that people can enjoy what they’re their to see?

Lumiere? Lumi-meh, more like.


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