EE got some ferocious stick for ending the much-loved Orange Wednesday offer, but it could start winning a few people back with its free power bar giveaway.

The EE power bar pack

The EE power bar pack

Not heard about them? It’s a pretty simple concept – if you’re an EE customer, text Power to 365 (35p cost) and you’ll get a code to take into a store to get a power bar so you can charge your phone on the move. You can recharge it at home or just swap it at any EE store for a full one if you need to while you’re out and about.

I picked mine up yesterday and it’s a cute little thing – branded to within an inch of its life, obviously, but it’s pretty light and would easily sit in your pocket without much bother. Speaking of lights, it supposedly comes with a torch, but (on the one I’ve got at least) it’s bloody awful. Still, you can always use your (newly charged) phone as a torch, so it’s something of a moot point.

How about what it’s designed to do then? Well, I’ve been charging my S5 for the past ten minutes using the power bar and it’s gone up by 5%, which is pretty pacey. That’s using the USB-mini USB cable that comes with the power bar, but it’s worth noting that iPhone users need to use their own cable, which will be a bit of a ball ache if you want to charge while out of the house, as they’re not as compact as the one that’s included.

Will the free power bar (which non-EE customers can pick up for £20) undo the damage caused by pulling Orange Wednesdays? It certainly softens the blow and will be something that everyone will make use of at some point, unlike the cinema offer which harshly discriminated against people who don’t like films and/or those who don’t have any friends.


Since posting, it’s come to light that you aren’t actually being given the power bar, it’s just an 18-month loan, after which you’re expected to return it or be charged. It’s in section 2 of the Ts&Cs if you want to read up on it.


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