The Interview does the job

James Franco and Seth Rogan’s The Interview nearly caused World War Three. Was it worth that much trouble? Maybe not, but it certainly warrants a small border dispute.

Cards on the table – I was kinda interested in seeing the film before the controversy, so I was a bit disappointed when it was seemingly banned. The more cynical have suggested that the delay in release was a godsend that would result in greater box office receipts than it otherwise would have got, but I think that’s unfair, despite what a lot of critics say.

Sure, you’re not rolling in the aisles for the entire two hours and there are a few jokes that fall flat (sometimes because of the really sharp cuts in the editing), but overall, there are more than enough chuckles to make it worth seeing, particularly if you’ve got a Cineworld Unlimited card like I have, as it effectively costs you nowt. If you smirk when someone says ‘dong’, then you should find plenty to enjoy in The Interview.

The chemistry between Rogan and Franco keeps things ticking along nicely and the latter certainly does a great crazy… whether it’s an act or not, I’ll leave up to you. I won’t say too much more, for fear of entering spoiler territory, but I’ll leave it on this not: the butthole jokes (of which there are a few) certainly sit better in this film than they do in Kingsman.


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