How was your commute to work this morning? How about last night?

If you look on Facebook and Twitter most days, you’ll see at least one person moaning about how public transport has let them down or how a certain road has been an absolute nightmare. We’ve all got friends like that – it’s OK, moaning is cathartic.

However, it gave me an idea: #RateMyCommute.

London Underground - Oxford Circus

It’s pretty simple – think about all the factors that make up your journey to/from work and give the trip an overall mark out of ten.

It’s not just stuff like time taken, condition of vehicles, weather and stuff like that, though – feel free to personalise it by including things like how much eye-candy you saw or whether there were any notable moments that improved your commute (or otherwise) – it’s up to you. Just give it a rating and use the hashtag and you’re away!

“But what’s the point, Jim?”, you ask in a potentially-far-too-familiar way – I may never have met you before. I’ll answer regardless – essentially, it’s a bit of fun and, as mentioned previously, getting a good moan out of your system can make you feel better.

However, it’s got the potential to be more than that if it takes off – @ in the relevant company that’s aroused your ire or simply just aroused you and they’ll be able to take your feedback on board. Train firms, bus companies, TfL, local councils, national government – they could all end up improving their service if #RateMyCommute gains enough traction.

OK, I’ll wind my neck in a bit – at the very least, reviews that get lots of RTs and shares could prove an invaluable tool so that people know where to avoid or alternative routes they may want to try.

Join the transport revolution and #RateMyCommute today!


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