London style sounds nice

Remember me?

No doubt a few of you recalled what I said in my first post about how a previous blog fell by the wayside after a bit when I got bored, but that’s certainly not been the case over the past *checks when last entry was*… *yulp* over a month. No sir – I’ve not had time to be bored as I’ve been far too busy moving to the other end of the country.

My good friend Mr Tribbiani says it better than I ever could.

So yeah – it’s all been a bit hectic – every Saturday for the past month I’ve been coming down to the capital to look for lodgings and have either been disappointed or too slow moving for the pace of the market down here. Ultimately, I had to go for somewhere without actually seeing it, which Kirstie and Phil would probably crucify you for, but needs must.

I absolutely adore London from all the times I’ve visited and living down here is the dream… well, I’m sure it will be – not had chance to do much other than unpack and go to work yet, but I’m hopeful. Got Twixtmas to do some exploring and that could well lead to more blogging, you lucky, lucky people.


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