Neon Cactus, Call Lane, Leeds

Anyone who’s been to Call Lane in Leeds will know what it’s like at the weekend – it’s basically Yorkshire Shore. That’s not really my thing, but going to Neon Cactus for food? Well, colour me interested.

Mexican food isn’t really my cuisine of choice, but when I actually have it, I bloody love it – so much meat, so many spices and, well, all the carbs, let’s be honest.

Neon Cactus’ unassuming interior

By the time we ate, it was getting on for 8pm so we were hungry and went for the feast menu: two bowls of nachos, tacos, an enchilada or quesadilla and a fajita – all for £11 a head. You can’t really go wrong with that, can you? We went for the chorizo enchilada and the ‘smoking mezcal marinated chicken beast’ – the final word may have been a typo, but when it came it was fairly sizeable, so I’ll leave that one open.

The spices, the succulence, the flavours – I’m so glad I had a cider to chug on, as my mouth needed extinguishing on more than one occasion. The crucial thing though is it’s not too spicy – I don’t like food to be a challenge; not really sure why people like ‘testing’ themselves on super hot curries, for example – they just taste of fire, so go for something where you can appreciate the nuances of the food.

Will I go back to the Cactus for food? I reckon so – there’s plenty of things that I haven’t tried that I really like the look of on the menu. It’s only about ten minutes from where I live, too, so that’s always a bonus. If you’re towards Call Lane and fancy a bit of a spicy bite, you could do much worse than Neon Cactus.


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