MEATliquor, Trinity Centre, Leeds

I’m still not sure what to think about the concept of posh burger places in general even after visiting the newly opened branch of MEATliquor in Leeds’ Trinity Centre – for me, burgers should be quick, cheap and have questionable content. If you want proper meat, go somewhere that serves steak, surely?

Trying to put those prejudices aside, I was happy to give it a go for payday lunch on Friday (we get paid at a weird time, I know) as I’d heard a lot about it – some friends who went previously even rolled a die and got their meal free as a result. The only thing rolling after our visit was us as we’d swelled to Violet Beauregarde proportions due to the size of the dishes.

Fortunately, we didn’t go as purple as she did, not that you’d really be able to tell in there – it’s so dark, you pretty much need night vision goggles. I’m not sure why exactly they insist on that, but if it’s to stop people Instagramming everything they put in their gaping maws, I’m all for it.

Burgers at MEATliquor Leeds

Yes, I get the irony of posting a photo of the food considering what I put in the last paragraph, but I needed something to illustrate it.

I opted for the bacon cheeseburger, as bacon and cheese are the foods of the gods, but those elements didn’t quite ring my bell. Even if they had, the music was a bit much so you probably wouldn’t’ve heard – it was decent enough stuff, I just struggled to hear what people down the table were saying.

Anyway, the bacon was more of gammon thickness and the cheese was barely noticeable, but the meal was saved by the burger itself. Even in the low light, you could see the pinkness in the middle and its thickness just made it more succulent. There was real crunch to the gherkin too that was really noticeable if your only other experience of it is in limp McDonald’s efforts.

On the side I had Hippie Fries – skinny chips with lashings of onion and a lemony mayo sauce. Most bites were exquisite, but the odd one left a slight odd taste in the mouth. The best course of action was to shovel down some more – and there was plenty to shovel. I’m pretty sure the fries were for sharing, rather than the one per person we went for. The same was probably true for the onion rings – we didn’t have them but we saw others get them and they were so voluminous, they looked like Yorkshire puddings.

Overall? I’m glad I tried it but I doubt I’d be back again out of choice – the burger patty was the nicest thing, but like I said at the top, burgers just aren’t something I’d choose to go out for. Also, what’s the deal with having to order chips separately? It’s in the same ballpark as no longer automatically getting breakfast in with the cost of your hotel room – ridiculous state of affairs. As a result, burger and chips cost £15 (then there was the drink on top) – is it ever really worth that?



  1. I liked it when I went to the one in London, but I suppose down here the prices would seem more reasonable in relation to what other eateries charge. But even so, when you add the drinks on (especially if you’re on the cocktails) it can get a bit out of control – like you said, no matter how good, it’s still just burger and chips. I’d definitely go back but it’s not top of my list 🙂


  2. It looks nice but I have a problem with places which make you buy the sides separately! It’s like going out for a roast dinner and having to buy the veg separately.
    If you ever get another urge for a great burger check out Brooklyn bar on call lane. Best burger hands down and the chips come as standard. Check out my blog post on it xx


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