Better late than never

I always intended to start a blog, but life always happened to get in the way. Still, here we are, at last.

In truth, I have tried this before, back when MySpace was a thing. Unfortunately, that blog went the same way as Peter Griffin’s post-9/11 one although I think it lasted longer than three posts and probably featured more teen angst. I say probably as I have absolutely no idea how to access MySpace any more.

It’s not only with blogging where I wish I’d started sooner – it just seems to be a general trend in life: I’m now 30 and alright at football, although no better than I should’ve been when I was about 20; I first moved away from home in my early 20s and proceeded to act like an 18 year old who’d just arrived at uni; and when it comes to technology, you wouldn’t really call me an early adopter – I’ll wait to see if something works before splurging cash on it.

So what am I going to write about now I’ve started? No idea, to be honest. I’ll try and do interesting stuff but failing that, I’ll try to make more mundane stuff at least sound interesting through the medium of verbal dexterity.


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